Are snoring apps accurate?

The most obvious function is the analysis of snoring. You have to give access to the phone's audio recording and turn on the app before sleep. To obtain an accurate result, the application must exclude environmental noise factors that may impair the analysis. When you wake up, you stop recording and let the app process the volume and frequency of the snoring.

After a 4-day or 5-day monitoring, you can see the dynamics of your problem and consider further actions. In addition to their communication functions, smartphones allow users to download applications through online stores. As a result, sleep tracker apps work better for people who are just casually looking for clues as to how they could sleep better at night and go out the next day with energy. Expanded features such as Full Night Recording, Trending, and Cloud Backup require a SnoreLab Premium subscription.

This snoring application, which also offers a free version, records snoring and conversations at night, and adds to the statistics or activates the “stop snoring” function that, on the iPhone, soothes you with a sound or vibration. The average accuracy rate for snoring detection by SnoreClock was 95% (with a snoring rate of 9% and a non-snoring rate of 86%, approved by both the application and the manual method). In addition, in his study, Camacho used the Quit Snoring application and compared the results with PSG data in the laboratory. The snoring report can read heart rate data recorded on eligible FitBit devices to see correlations between snoring intensity and heart rate.

Although Snore Report can be used as an initial evaluation of snoring, the app should never be used as a substitute for a professional sleep study. Camacho M, Robertson M, Abdullatif J, Certal V, Kram YA, Ruoff CM, Brietzke SE, Capasso R (201 smartphone applications for snoring. Each of the applications reported on a different set of variables, making it difficult to compare all the results. We focus on apps because they are accessible and relatively inexpensive, which makes them much more attractive to most people.

Sleep Cycle's privacy policy isn't as easy to access as SleepScore's, and the app's use of a phone's microphone to detect audio could make some people nervous.

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