Snoring who should sleep on the couch?

Married couples have to deal with all kinds of tensions. Two people who love each other don't naturally pull in the same direction all the time. How warm should the house be? Who should walk the dog in the morning? Which family should we visit this Christmas? Do we really need a new sofa? Seen from that worldly point of view, there is hardly any issue that does not need to be negotiated to some extent on a daily basis. However, there are some difficulties and disagreements that tend to recur.

Who has the final say in financial matters? Who decides how to discipline children? Who is the most important opinion on sexual matters? These problems are familiar to all married couples. I would like to think, as a psychiatrist, that the resolution of these matters is explainable in terms of other aspects of your relationship. Who wins or loses must mean something. But there are certain types of disputes that challenge understanding, at least my understanding.

Although sleeping on a mattress is usually the best option, occasionally sleeping on the couch may be appropriate in certain situations. In the worst case scenario, an unfortunate couple who doesn't sleep may be unable to sleep for days, weeks, or even months. Phil Reames, a financial planner, says, “We spent years with my wife elbowing me in the back and telling me to go to sleep on the couch. Fortunately, by keeping the lines of communication open and emotionless, you can solve this problem and find a practical solution that will help both the snorer and the bedmate.

If you have researched other solutions as a couple, and it turns out that you are the rare case where snoring is inevitable, remember that there are all kinds of love marriages that have worked around snoring and yes, even sleeping in different beds. If sleeping on the couch leads to an asymmetrical sleeping position, it could contribute to neck and shoulder pain. If sleeping on the couch makes it difficult to sleep in the dark, invest in a sleep mask to cover your eyes and avoid exposure to unwanted light. On a sofa, people who sleep on their backs may lack the space needed to easily hold both arms in the same position.

Switching from a bed to a sofa may restrict the sleeper's ability to turn around or adjust sleeping positions during the night. And yes, my wife has bought me “sleep headphones”, but they don't cancel out as much noise as regular headphones, and the headphones with real noise cancellation are too big for me to sleep. Remember, no matter what your snoring or sleeping situation is, sometimes all it takes is a little humor, understanding, empathy and a little humility (especially if you snore) to combine powers and find the best way to sleep and intimacy your relationship needs. However, when both parties are dealing with sleep deprivation, it can be difficult to find any time or desire to talk, let alone find common ground.

Most people have fallen asleep on the couch at least once, and some people may choose to sleep regularly on the couch instead of on a bed. While sleeping on the couch seems comfortable at first glance, it may not be the best option in the long run.

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