Who snores in bts?

And while they may now have a little more room for themselves, the boys at BTS learned a little bit about each other's sleeping habits when they were in that small room sleeping in bunk beds. While RM might say it's TMI, it turns out that Jungkook snores and Jimin makes strange contortions in bed. Namjoon's sleep habit is to snore, yes, his snoring is very loud. He even said he was surprised by his snoring and woke up.

I couldn't sleep if someone snored. RM even admitted to buying a tool that will close his mouth while he sleeps so that his snoring doesn't bother other members. While J-Hope and Jimin were having the time of their lives laughing at Jungkook's loud snore, the Golden Maknae was quietly placing boxing bandages on Jimin. J-Hope said he also wanted to sleep there, but apparently he hesitated when he remembers how loud the Golden Maknae snores.

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