Will snoring kill you?

Yeah, you should only do it because there are two ways to die from snoring. One is that he has undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea and all the comorbidities and health risks that come with it, or that his wife puts a pillow over his face and suffocates him. So either way, you're going to die. When you were younger, you may have laughed at the sound of a family member snoring loudly in your sleep.

Unfortunately, many adults do the same without realizing the danger hidden behind loud nocturnal rumbles. Contrary to popular belief, snoring does not mean quality sleep. With the support of specialists and sleep research, these are the hidden dangers of an untreated sleep condition. Snoring and sleep apnea are associated with serious health problems and can be life-threatening.

You may recall former Philadelphia Eagles All-Pro defensive lineman Reggie White, whose sudden and premature death was attributed, in part, to complications associated with sleep apnea. The frightening thought is that most people with sleep apnea are unaware that they have sleep apnea and are not being treated. At first, Yanti was not aware of her snoring habits. He only realized it later after a friend told him.

He didn't realize that something was wrong while he was sleeping. I didn't notice any significant difference in my sleep patterns when I was snoring. Except for my partner, he's annoyed with the sound, he said. People tend not to take snoring seriously.

I contacted Andreas Prasadja, an expert in sleep disorders. We met in his sleep laboratory, at Mitra Keluarga Kemayoran Hospital, in north Jakarta. Inside the laboratory, a series of breathing tools hung on the wall. I saw the patients come and go.

I never thought that there were many people suffering from sleep disorders who went through intensive care and treatment. It turns out that snoring is not a sign that you sleep soundly. When someone snores, it's a sign that something is wrong. This condition is called sleep apnea.

Twenty percent of Jakarta residents suffer from this condition, according to research by the Indonesian Society for Sleep Medicine. Sleep apnea occurs when the airways narrow or close, causing you to slow or stop breathing, which can result in death. This condition usually goes unnoticed, since few people notice what they are doing while they sleep. It might be a relief to kick your snorer in the shins, this wouldn't really qualify as a reliable plan to get a good night's rest.

He plays a key role (director of course %26 coordinator) in the hands-on training of around 150 ENT surgeons each year from around the world to initiate and improve their ENT surgical skills as part of the initiatives of the Hyderabad ENT Research Foundation. If you or your loved one snores, you may have OSA and should make an appointment with your doctor. During his own postgraduate degree he was invited as a visiting physician to the House Institute of Medical Sciences, Los Angeles; the Rhinology and Anterior Skull Base unit, the Medical Center of the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio and the University of Michigan, where he acquired his skills. Talk to your doctor if you have any of these symptoms or just want a further evaluation of the cause of your snoring.

Snorers are also more likely to be at risk of falling asleep while driving or having accidents at work. Snoring, which until recently was considered a nuisance to your bed partner, is now becoming a killer.

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